Wild Ones Native Plant Butterfly Garden Certification

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Is your native plant garden bursting with blooms and attracting butterflies?

Your garden is full of native plant blooms and making the perfect habitat for beautiful butterflies. You’re a great supporter of the environment. It’s time to be recognized for your hard work and certify your garden as an official Wild Ones Native Plant Butterfly Garden.

It’s easy to certify your garden

Just complete a short questionnaire and send it to Wild Ones along with a few photos of your garden. In addition to certifying your butterfly garden, Wild Ones will register your garden with the National Pollinator Garden Network and your garden will become part of the “Million Pollinator Garden Challenge”. This organization reached its one million pollinator garden goal in March of 2019, and has set its sights on registering even more.

To show off your garden, Wild Ones has Native Plant Butterfly Garden signs available for purchase. It’s a great way to show your support for pollinators and let everyone know it’s important to be part of the solution for creating a better environment. The sign, pictured above, is made of solid metal and proudly boasts the importance of gardening with native plants. The cost of the sign is $26.00 which includes shipping.

Pollinators still need our help!

There’s never been a better time to register your garden. and show off your amazing work. To qualify, gardens must be at least two years old, and 75% or more of the plants must be natives.

Learn how to register your garden with Wild Ones

Learn more about the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge



2019 International Monarch Monitoring Blitz

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Photo: Courtesy of Monarch Joint Venture

2019 International Monarch Monitoring Blitz

Join hundreds of volunteers in Canada, Mexico and the United States from July 27 to August 4. Be part of the 2019 International Monarch Monitoring Blitz to help conserve the monarch butterfly. You can help monarch experts gain more information to understand the distribution of the monarch butterfly.

The Blitz invites people to go out to gardens, parks and green areas. Participants will monitor milkweed plants for monarch eggs, caterpillars, chrysalises and butterflies. This information will help researchers identify priority areas for monarch conservation actions. Data gathered will be uploaded to the Trinational Monarch Knowledge Network,.

To take part in the Blitz, go to Mission Monarch page if you are in Canada. If you are east of the Rocky Mountains in the United States, follow the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project link, and if you are west of the Rocky Mountains, use the link for the Western Monarch and Milkweed Mapper. In Mexico, you can go to Naturalista. Or, simply follow the Blitz on social media, using the hashtag #MonarchBlitz.

Read more 


H.R. 1572 addresses the importance of native plants

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“Monarch 2” by Terri Joyce. 2018 Photo Contest – Pollinators entry.

H.R. 1572: The Botany Bill

The importance of native plants is gaining national attention! H.R. 1572, the “Botany Bill”, is going before the House of Representatives Natural Resources Public Lands Subcommittee Thursday morning, July 18. Overall, this legislation emphasizes the importance of protecting native plants and ecosystems.

This sounds familiar

Work on the Botany Bill began in 2015. The Bill was first introduced to the House of Representatives (H.R. 1054) with bipartisan sponsorship on February 14, 2017. ​H.R. 1572 was reintroduced to the House of Representatives in March 2019. Its bipartisan sponsors are joined by 46 other Representatives in co-sponsoring the Bill.

The Botanical Sciences and Native Plant Materials Research, Restoration, and Promotion Act’s aim is to build the botanical science capacity of the federal government and encourage the use of native plants. As such, the bill supports botanical science research, an essential element in the fight against climate change.

How does this lead to more native plants in local landscapes?

Monarch caterpillar on milkweed

“Got Milkweed?” by Peggy Steichen. 2018 Photo Contest – Pollinators entry.

H.R. 1572 promotes the use of native plants across the country. It develops a federal policy providing a preference for the use of locally-adapted native plant materials in land management activities on federal lands.

It also funds research to develop effective approaches to habitat restoration; combats invasive, non-native species; and promotes the recovery of threatened and endangered native species.

Where to find additional details

Visit Botany Bill for more information about the bill.


Wild Ones is seeking a volunteer grant writer.

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Wild Ones is seeking a volunteer grant writer. We want to pursue a few grants to enhance our environmental education program, help with property reforestation, and increase our reach across the monarch migration corridors.

If you are interested in supporting Wild Ones and are dedicated to creating a better environment, supporting biodiversity and helping save the pollinators, please contact Kristen at [email protected] or 920-730-3986.

Great Father’s Day Gift – Wild Ones Cap

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  Khaki    Earth

Give a Wild Ones cap as a Father’s Day gift and support biodiversity and fight climate change! This is a great cap made of soft brushed cotton with a moisture-wicking sweatband to keep your eyes clear for the task at hand!

Colors: Khaki or Earth. $26.00 includes shipping.

Checks only please. Checks must be received by June 4 in order to receive your order by Father’s Day. Limited quantity available. Simply send your check with a note regarding the number of hats you would like to purchase and the colors you would like.

Send check to: Kristen, Wild Ones, 2285 Butte des Mortes Beach Road, Neenah WI 54956.