Webinar: Cultivating Change with Lorraine Johnson on January 25th at 6 PM (CT)

| Wild Ones Presents

Explore how native gardening can address climate challenges in our next Wild Ones national webinar, “Cultivating Change” with author and activist Lorraine Johnson.

Learn about the pivotal role of gardening as an act of stewardship in the face of climate and ecological challenges. Discover the profound connections between individual gardens and the broader world and learn how these green spaces can serve as catalysts for positive ecological and social change. Join Wild Ones for a practical and insightful discussion on gardening’s positive impact on the environment and our future. 

Please Note: The video recording of this webinar will be accessible exclusively to registered attendees and will be available for a limited time after its premiere.

Lorraine Johnson

About the Presenter:

Lorraine Johnson has been researching and writing about environmental issues for three decades. She is a community activist and advocates for protecting, supporting, and growing the urban forest. Johnson is a former president of the North American Native Plant Society and served on the national board of Wild Ones.

Johnson is the author or editor of 14 books, including City Farmer: Adventures in Urban Food Growing and Tending the Earth: A Gardener’s Manifesto. Her most recent book was coauthored by Sheila Colla, A Northern Gardener’s Guide to Native Plants and Pollinators.

Through her books, articles, presentations, and community projects, she strives to advance the understanding that everything and everyone is connected and that, through our actions, we all have a role to play in making this world a better place for all life.