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Wild Ones Presents “WASPS: Their Biology, Diversity, and Role as Beneficial Insects & Pollinators of Native Plants”

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Wild Ones Honorary Director Heather Holm shares from her new book, “WASPS,” which features approximately 150 species of flower-visiting wasps that occur in eastern North America, and the specific native plants and habitat each species depend upon. “WASPS” delves into how beneficial wasps are to humans, mainly insect pest population control and pollination. “This complex… Read more »

Wild Ones Presents “The Nature of Oaks: The Rich Ecology of Our Most Essential Native Trees” by Dr. Doug Tallamy

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Drawing from his book, The Nature of Oaks (2021), renowned entomologist Dr. Doug Tallamy offers a month-by-month guide to observing and identifying the growth of oak trees and the living creatures that depend upon oaks for food and shelter. Oaks perform critical ecological functions: they support biodiversity, sequester carbon, stabilize soil, produce high-quality persistent leaf… Read more »