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Wild Ones promotes native landscapes through education, advocacy, and collaborative action.

April Board of Directors Meeting
April 22nd at 5:00 PM (CDT)

All Wild Ones members are invited to bi-monthly national Wild Ones board meetings! During meetings, the board strives to uphold Wild Ones’ mission, hone our vision, implement strategies and provide organizational oversight; you are welcome to attend!

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Discover the latest in native plant conservation: Georgia’s climate response, HOAs embracing greenery, goats fighting invasives, and NYC’s new ‘pocket forest.’ Join the movement for a greener future in our March Native Plant News.

This image features a large, sprawling banyan tree with an extensive root system and a wide canopy that provides shade to the area below. The tree’s aerial roots have descended into the soil, forming secondary trunks that support the vast network of branches above. Beneath the tree, there are several park benches where people can sit and enjoy the shelter and majesty of the tree. The ground is covered with fallen leaves, adding to the natural ambiance of the setting. Strings of small lights are wrapped around some of the branches, suggesting that this might be a place of leisure and community gatherings. The backdrop includes a building that seems to blend seamlessly with the tranquil vibe of the tree-shaded area.

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A healthy planet starts with native plants

Dwindling biodiversity is a threat to the foundation of life on Earth. In the last century alone, we’ve lost millions of acres of diverse ecosystems to urbanization. 

Native plants help protect and restore biodiversity, improve air and water quality and provide wildlife with quality food and shelter. Our vision is native plants and natural landscapes in every community. 

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Since 1977, we’ve discovered we can do more for our environment together than alone. Wild Ones® partners with industry organizations and businesses to offer mutual advocacy and mission support, locally and nationally. By sharing knowledge, goods and services, we can all create a healthier planet. 

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