Become a Sponsor

As a sponsor of Wild Ones, you are making a difference in your community and across the nation as we work to create a movement of native planters growing healthier landscapes. Not only that, but your commitment to supporting causes that matter demonstrates your business’s dedication to making a difference in the community and beyond.

Your generosity goes beyond financial assistance. It serves as a testament to the unity and compassion within our community, inspiring others to join us in our mission to connect people and native plants for a healthy planet.

To discuss mutually beneficial sponsorship opportunities, contact: Josh Nelson, Development Director, at [email protected].

Check out some of the ways you can support the Wild Ones Mission!

Keystone Sponsorship

Our Keystone Sponsors are essential to Wild Ones’ success, providing vital resources that enable our local and national operations to flourish. By becoming a Keystone Sponsor through direct donation or other sponsorship combinations, you ensure that our chapters continue to thrive.

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Just as a Keystone Species is crucial for supporting an ecosystem, our Keystone Sponsors are crucial for supporting Wild Ones. For us to thrive at the local level, National Level support is critical and maintaining these operations is a tall order, and takes a significant amount of resources. Your support as a Keystone Sponsor ensures that systems and support are in place to allow for our chapters to thrive. Becoming a keystone sponsor may be done either by direct donation or through an equivalent combination of other sponsorships. Contact us to discuss how we can best collaborate for a mutually beneficial relationship.

Sponsorship starts at $5,000

Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Sponsorship benefits of any other combined sponsorships
  • Recognition as a Keystone Sponsor on the Wild Ones Website and in the Quarterly Journal
  • A special thank you on social media pages and in our newsletter
  • A complimentary membership for your household, business, or organization
  • Wild Ones “Merch” pack
  • Opportunities to discuss alternative benefits to better support your business/organization

Webinars & Speakers

Support Wild Ones’ national webinars to help educate and empower participants with expert insights on environmentally sound landscaping practices. Your contribution funds essential technology, speaker fees, and event logistics, allowing us to reach more people and expand this impactful program even further.

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Wild Ones national webinars offer expert insights and actionable guidance to contribute to the organization’s mission of educating and empowering participants to implement environmentally sound landscaping practices. These webinars cover a range of topics related to native plants, sustainable landscaping, and ecological conservation.

Your support helps to fund the technology needed for webinars, as well as cover costs associated with speaker fees and event logistics. Wild Ones webinars have been wildly popular, regularly reaching over 5,000 people during their premier week. Help us grow this program so that we can reach even more people with our message.

Sponsorship starts at $2,500

Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Thank you during the webinar/event
  • Recognition on the program web page
  • Recognition in event communications

Seeds for Education

The Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Program connects youth to nature through grants for native plant gardens, supporting Wild Ones’ mission for over 25 years. Your support will help fund more projects, increasing opportunities for children nationwide to engage in planning, planting, and caring for native plant gardens.

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The Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Program provides meaningful learning opportunities that connect youth to nature and the Wild Ones mission. For more than 25 years, this vital Wild Ones donor-funded program has provided grants ranging from $100 to $500 for native plant gardens and landscaping projects throughout the United States. The funds are designated for acquiring native plants and seeds for outdoor learning areas that engage youth (preschool to high school) directly in planning, planting and caring for native plant gardens. In 2024, only 15% of project applications were able to be funded. With your support, we can fund more projects and provide more opportunities for children across the country.

Sponsorship starts at $1,000

Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Recognition on the program web page
  • Recognition in program communications
  • Thank you on Wild Ones’ social media and email newsletter

Education & Outreach

Support Wild Ones’ Education and Outreach programs to empower individuals in creating healthier landscapes. Your sponsorship helps expand our efforts, reaching new audiences and fostering a strong, engaged membership base committed to the vision of thriving native plants and natural landscapes in every community.

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Education and Outreach programs directly serve the mission of Wild Ones. Through our educational programs and literature, Wild Ones actively educates and empowers individuals of all skill levels to partner in our shared commitment to grow healthier landscapes. These programs collectively work towards the vision of native plants and natural landscapes thriving in every community.

Your sponsorship helps to support outreach efforts such as:

  • Wild For Monarchs, a program which educates communities on the importance of native plants and pollinators.
  • Educational Literature distributed by chapters at community outreach events.
  • Event Participation by national representatives. Including educational booths at large conferences, speaking engagements, and participation in educational summits.
  • Digital Resources to support native landscaping on the Wild Ones website.

With your support, we can grow these programs. Creating more opportunities for Wild Ones to reach new people, while also fostering a strong and engaged membership base.

Sponsorship starts at $1,000

Sponsorship benefits vary based on program, contact [email protected] to discuss opportunities.

Quarterly Journal

Sponsorship in the quarterly, award-winning Wild Ones Journal gives businesses great exposure with the potential to be viewed by 10,000+ individuals who appreciate native plants.

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Your generous support as a sponsor ensures our ability to continue to invest in high quality articles that educate and inspire individuals, communities, and organizations to embrace eco-conscious landscaping practices through expert insights, advocacy, and educational resources.

Sponsorship of the Quarterly Journal is only available to current Wild Ones members.

Sponsorship starts at $125

Main Street Sponsor

As a Main Street Sponsor, your business can demonstrate its commitment to a healthy planet by reinvesting in your community, with your donation supporting both local programs and national support services.

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You don’t have to be a native plant business, or even have a garden yourself to still care about our environment and help promote the Wild Ones mission.

As a local business owner, you know the importance of reinvesting into your community. By becoming a Main Street Sponsor you can help make a difference by showing your businesses commitment to a healthy planet.

Your generous donation plays a direct role in creating a positive impact within your community. Your contribution will be shared between your local chapter to help deliver community programs and the national office’s efforts in providing support services to chapters.

Sponsorship starts at $100

Native Garden Designs

The Native Garden Designs program provides practical information on creating aesthetically pleasing and ecologically impactful native landscapes, with free designs by professional landscape designers tailored to various U.S. Eco-regions. By contributing your design expertise, you support Wild Ones’ mission and help promote sustainable, bio-diverse landscapes.

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The Native Garden Designs program is dedicated to providing practical, educationally sound information on native landscaping. Rooted in the belief that native landscaping can be both aesthetically pleasing and ecologically impactful, our purpose is to equip individuals of all skill levels to start their native garden journey. The program highlights a growing number of free native garden designs, created by professional landscape designers and tailored for multiple Eco-regions across the US.

This sponsorship opportunity is unique, as we are seeking in-kind donations of designs from professional landscape designers. Your contribution will support the overall mission of Wild Ones by providing examples of sustainable and bio-diverse landscapes. To discuss further, please contact [email protected].

Sponsorship Benefits

  • Your design featured on the Native Gardens Designs website with information about you and your company
  • Thank you on Wild Ones’ social media and in email newsletter
  • Featured in a Wild Ones national webinar unveiling your design

Custom Opportunities

Not seeing something that speaks to you? Looking to do something different than described? We are happy to discuss further! We are grateful for supporters like you, and want to work with you to find a way to best utilize your unique support. All forms of support, no matter how small or large, are important and we look forward to discussing more with you.

Examples of Special Collaborations
  • Special fundraising campaigns
  • Grants
  • In-Kind goods/services
  • Partnerships
  • Special events
  • New program funding
  • Wild Lawyers (Gardeners Defense Fund)
  • Native garden designs
  • Collaboration with local chapters
  • Affiliate/Cause Marketing promotions

Wild Ones Natural Landscapers, Ltd. is a nonprofit, environmental education and advocacy corporation registered in the State of Wisconsin. We are a 501(c)(3) organization, registered under Tax ID# 39-1695443. All membership dues and donations are 100% tax-deductible to the extent of the law.