Position Statements

Wild Ones Position Statements are based on current scientific literature with input from experts in the field. Statements are periodically reviewed and updated by the Wild Ones Board of Directors and Honorary Directors.

Ecoregions, Native Ranges, and Hardiness Zones Explained (Published 2002, Revised 2019)

Guidelines for Selecting Native Plants: The Importance of Local Genotype (Published 2002, Revised 2020)

Nativars: Where do they fit in? (Published 2013, Revised 2021)

Sample Native Planting Ordinance

The purpose of these model regulations created by Wild Lawyer Rosanne Plante is to establish codified minimum standards for the design, installation, and maintenance of landscaped areas that require the use of appropriate native vegetation and to promote the preservation of indigenous plant communities on site.

This ordinance is intended to be a minimum standard and/or a starting point for municipalities to incorporate native plant language and law to use in application for all types of public and private buildings, developments, subdivisions, and land within the incorporated and unincorporated areas of a municipality.

How to make friends with the “Weed Police” (Published 2023)
Sample Native Planting Ordinance (Published 2023)

Read Rosanne’s article and watch her webinar on what to do if the weed police knock on your door. Connect with Rosanne Plante on Facebook and Instagram.