Uniting for Nature: The Value of Wild Ones Membership 

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At Wild Ones, we have a vision of native plants and natural landscapes thriving in every community. Our community of passionate individuals plays a crucial role in realizing this vision, and our members are the heart of it all. With over ten thousand members and hundreds of chapters cross the United States, we have built a knowledgeable, hands-on, and supportive community dedicated to connecting people and native plants for a healthy planet. There are many reasons to join Wild Ones, what is yours? 

1. Protecting Native Habitats: Wild Ones members support initiatives aimed at protecting and restoring native habitats. In 2023, chapters provided support for over 200 public native garden projects and transformed over 800,000 square feet to native landscapes. In addition, the Certified Native Habitat Program, has certified over 130 acres of native gardens across the US in just its first three months– a true indication of the power of Wild Ones members! From grassroots projects in local communities to national conservation efforts, every member contributes to the preservation of biodiversity and the health of our ecosystems. 

2. Education and Advocacy: Membership provides access to valuable resources, including educational materials, webinars, and workshops, empowering individuals to become advocates for native plants. By sharing knowledge and promoting best practices, members play an active role in raising awareness about the importance of native landscaping and as a result, in 2023 15% of chapters were able to successfully influence local public policy.

Photo: Jessica Ausnehmer, Wild Ones Greater Cleveland Chapter, First Baptist Church in Shaker Heights Native Garden Installation

3. Community Engagement: Last year, chapters hosted or participated in nearly 2,000 events, connecting with over 160k people to teach them about the value of native plants. Wild Ones membership fosters connections with like-minded individuals who share a passion for nature. We’re action and growth oriented. Together, members learn, grow, and share knowledge from experienced native planters to native planting newcomers.  Through local chapters, members engage in hands-on activities, garden tours, and community events, building strong relationships and supporting each other in their journey towards sustainable landscaping. 

4. Exclusive Benefits: Members enjoy exclusive benefits such as access to members-only content, discounted events, annual photo contest, and invitations to special gatherings. These perks not only enhance the membership experience but also serve as tokens of appreciation for the invaluable support provided to our organization. 

5. Making a Difference: By becoming a Wild Ones member, individuals become part of a movement dedicated to creating a greener, healthier planet for future generations. Every action, whether planting a native garden or participating in a conservation project, contributes to a collective effort towards positive environmental change. Your membership ensures that Wild Ones has the resources needed to continue to be a voice for the native landscaping movement and as Wild Ones grows we are able to do even more to support a healthy planet for generations to come. 

Join Us Today: If you share our passion for native plants and sustainable landscaping, we invite you to join Wild Ones and be part of a community committed to making a difference. Together, we can create a movement of native planters growing healthier landscapes.