Infectious Disease Control Through Biodiversity

Welcome to the second installment of the Native Plants for Healthy People and a Healthy Planet series. The previous blog post covered the benefits of biodiverse native plants on chronic health. In particular, native plants are beneficial for our immune systems, as well as respiratory and cardiovascular health. I also mentioned that native landscapes are […] Continue reading "Infectious Disease Control Through Biodiversity"

A Conversation with Matthew Ross on Public Gardens and Native Plants

Across the United States, public gardens offer a gateway to understanding the ecological and cultural significance of plants. They serve as centers for conservation, education, and sustainable landscaping. Learn about the role public gardens play in conservation, education, and community engagement in this Q&A with horticultural education leader and advocate for native plants in both […] Continue reading "A Conversation with Matthew Ross on Public Gardens and Native Plants"

Rooted in Action: Celebrating Wild Ones Volunteers

April 21 through April 27, 2024, is National Volunteer Week – a celebration recognizing the profound impact of volunteers. This week emphasizes the spirit of collective effort and the personal benefits of volunteering, such as developing friendships and broadening a network of like-minded individuals, educational opportunities, physical exercise, and mental well-being- all while preserving biodiversity […] Continue reading "Rooted in Action: Celebrating Wild Ones Volunteers"