Wild Ones is Sponsoring a Webinar Series with NDAL

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Wild Ones is excited to announce that we are sponsoring a national webinar series in conjunction with New Directions in American Landscapes during the months of July and August! This is a live webinar series for landscape practitioners throughout the United States including landscape architects and designers, restoration ecologists, and horticulturists. The webinars are open to anyone who wants to learn more about landscaping.

Douglas Tallamy, Ph.D. (Wild Ones Lifetime Honorary Director), Larry Weaner, FAPLD, Chad Adams, AICP, and a diverse group of expert instructors will discuss a variety of topics from the art of naturalistic design to science-based native meadow creation. Sessions are categorized as: design, plants, field.

To learn more about the webinars go to: https://buff.ly/31CfiTf

Wild Ones is Hiring Additional Staff Members

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Do you love native plants?

Is helping the environment one of your passions?

Are you a champion of pollinators?

Do you find yourself removing invasive plants from your friends’ yards during parties?

In other words, are you Wild?

Monarch butterfly on Ironweed

“Monarch on Ironweed” by Ed Buchs, 2018 Photo Contest Pollinators entry


Wild Ones is hiring staff members for a couple of new positions: Webmaster-Communications Professional and Office Manager-Bookkeeper. Benefits include a SIMPLE IRA with company match, PTO, and a fun work environment with a flexible schedule.

If you’re seeking a new job with a non-profit experiencing phenomenal growth across the United States and making a real difference in the environment, keep reading!

Webmaster-Communications Professional

Wild Ones is looking for a Webmaster / web developer who can build a new website, rich with information to inform members, volunteers and the public on native flora and fauna. The position is also responsible for ongoing website updates, social media, troubleshooting, online conferencing, and solving web and IT issues.

This position can be based out of the Neenah, Wisconsin headquarters, but remote work is also an option if the ideal candidate resides elsewhere. The selected candidate will be a key member of the Wild Ones team, reporting to the Executive Director.

To read the full job description and procedure for submitting an application, click here.

Office Manager-Bookkeeper

Wild Ones is looking for an enthusiastic Office Manager/Bookkeeper to keep its national office running smoothly. This position will support the overall functions of Wild Ones operations, including financial, programs, administration, chapter and member support.

This position is based out of the WILD Center, located in Neenah Wisconsin. Working Monday through Friday, this staff member reports to the Executive Director.

To read the full job description and procedure for submitting an application, click here.

Wild Ones National Office is Temporarily Closed

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Rain garden in front of WILD Center

The Wild Ones National Office is temporarily closed.

The closing of the National Office is in conjunction with the Wisconsin governor’s order for all nonessential businesses to close starting Tuesday, March 24, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you need to get in touch with the office, please email: [email protected]

Please do not call the office as we will not be responding to phone calls.

Thank you for your patience. The Wild Ones staff members are working remotely and will continue to serve our members through emails, blogs, social media and more.

Please take care of yourself and stay safe.

Elaine Krizenesky

National Office Director




Announcement- Renewing Your Membership via Mail

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A large group of purple coneflowers

Announcement: Renewing Your Membership via Mail

In keeping with public health codes, Wild Ones is making every effort to ensure that the national office staff remains safe during the coronavirus crisis.

We receive mail from all over the country on a daily basis. We would like to limit the amount of mail that comes into the office regarding new and renewal memberships. The coronavirus has the ability to persist on surfaces for up to nine days which puts our staff at risk when handling mail.

We are asking members to please utilize the online signup option by going to:


If you need assistance with utilizing the online membership system, please email [email protected]

Please know that any checks we do receive, will be held a minimum of nine days prior to entering them into our membership database.

We do apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience with this issue.

Kind regards,

Elaine Krizenesky

Wild Ones National Director





Wild Ones’ National and Chapter Websites Restored

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Wild Ones’ website host experienced a system-wide outage

On Thursday, Wild Ones learned that its website, hosted by Bluehost, had crashed. This included the national website, as well as our chapter’s websites. Since Wild Ones staff and national officer emails are also located on the server, our email service was disabled as well. On behalf of Wild Ones staff, board, and chapters, I apologize for this disruption. It is unacceptable, and we are taking steps to prevent future issues. Our members and supporters deserve a more stable system.

What happened and Wild Ones’ response

Wild Ones’ website tech support, Rick Sanders, immediately contacted Bluehost. He learned that the company’s entire server crashed, knocking out service to all of its customers, not just Wild Ones. Bluehost was unable to provide a timeline for when they expected to server to be fixed. Rick spent the next 48 hours working with Bluehost’s customer tech support asking questions and trying to get more information.

The Wild Ones website was restored on Saturday, January 18 at approximately 3:30 PM CST. All chapter websites on the wildones.org domain are working again as well. To visit a chapter website, click here for your closest chapter.

Path through a garden

Looking forward: our next steps

The national office’s tech support service is in the process of moving all Wild Ones email addresses to a new Microsoft Office 365 server. This will protect Wild Ones emails from being disabled if our website’s server ever crashes in the future.

Wild Ones is also in the process of migrating all of our wildones.org websites to a different hosting service. We are making this change to improve the security of your personal data, speed up the website’s response time, and reduce costs by 85% at the same time.

Here are some of the key features being upgraded to improve your Wild Ones website experience:

  • Malware Detection and Removal
  • Spam and Anti-Virus Protection
  • Domain Privacy and Protection
  • Daily Scheduled Website Backups (previously done by Wild Ones tech volunteer)
  • Free SSL to safeguard personal information and sensitive data (we previously paid for this service)
  • Unlimited Web Storage that uses Solid State Drives (SSD) for faster website browsing

What this service disruption means to you

Any emails sent to an email address ending in @wildones.org since Thursday afternoon were not received. Senders should have received a “bounce message” informing them that the email was not delivered. If you received such a reply, please resend your email.

If you have joined Wild Ones, renewed your membership, or made a donation recently, there may be a delay in receiving confirmation of your membership or gift. This is because staff utilizes email to send out these confirmations. These transactions will be entered and confirmed as soon as possible.

Wild Ones staff and national board volunteers worked together to post updates about the status of our website on Facebook, both on the public page and in the private group just for members. Social media is another great way to keep up with all things Wild. If you are not yet following Wild Ones on Facebook, please click here for our public page. Wild Ones members can also click here and ask to join the private member group.

Thank you!

We are grateful for the patience of our members and supporters during this communication and information disruption. Our server issues have been caused in part by “growing pains”. As Wild Ones members and chapters continue to reach new markets to share the importance of native plants, our numbers have skyrocketed. Wild Ones membership has increased by 25% in just two years! In the past year, we have chartered four new chapters, including two states where we did not previously have a presence, Arkansas and Maryland.

Wild Ones’ new website hosting system and unlimited web storage will enable the organization to continue adding more educational information about the crucial role native plants play in the health of the environment. Thank you all for following this path with us, and for your commitment to make a difference every day. We are truly grateful for your support of both Wild Ones and the environment!

Stone path through garden