Home Gardeners & Educator NDAL Webinars

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Wild Ones is sponsoring a series of ten Home Gardeners & Educators webinars in conjunction with New Directions in American Landscape (NDAL). There are two FREE webinars! And, Wild Ones members will receive a discounted price on two webinars. Members will pay $28 instead of $38!

This virtual series features interviews where Larry Weaner, founder of NDAL, compares notes with iconic practitioners Piet Oudolf, Gerould Wilhelm, Charles Birnbaum, and Darrel Morrison. This is a great opportunity to learn about ecologically sound landscaping right from your own home!

Two FREE webinars and two discounted webinars from $38 to $28 for Wild Ones members only! To receive the discount use code: member20.

To learn more about the webinars please view this document: https://ndal.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/2021_NDAL-Winter-Home-Gardener-Programs-Brochure_final-2.pdf.

To register online, visit: https://learning.ndal.org/collections.

Please note that, while very worth attending, the discount does not apply to the Prairie-side chats.

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