Certify and Register Your Garden

Certify your garden to add your amazing work to the growing list of native plant butterfly gardens. This network of gardens provides needed habitat for butterflies across the country. Once certified, gardens are included in the National Pollinator Garden Network’s registration. This organization reached its one million pollinator garden goal in March of 2019, and has set its sights on registering even more. Pollinators still need our help. There’s never been a better time to register your garden.

Monarch butterfly on Ironweed

“Monarch on Ironweed” by Ed Buchs, 2018 Photo Contest Pollinators entry

How to register

To qualify, gardens must be at least two years old, and 75% or more of the plants must be natives.

To register, use the Certify Your Garden form.

Already certified?

If your garden has already been certified by Monarch Watch as a Monarch Waystation or by the North American Butterfly Association (NABA), it is pre-qualified. Instead of completing the entire application, you just need to answer a couple of questions. Fill in the Precertified Garden Application.

Bragging rights

Once your garden has been reviewed and confirmed, you will receive an email verifying registration. You may then purchase a special Wild Ones Native Plant Butterfly Garden Program sign. This colorful sign features butterfly garden artwork created exclusively for Wild Ones by member Joan Rudolph. Weatherproof signs are pre-drilled for easy hanging. Proudly display your sign to show the world you are part of the national butterfly habitat corridor and that everyone can make a real difference in their own landscape. Order your sign by emailing [email protected]; more information will be included in the email. Signs cost $28, which includes shipping and handling.

NOTE: These signs are only available to gardens which have been certified by Wild Ones.