2024 Seeds for Education Report Form

As part of the Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education grant program, a project report is due by all grant recipients by February 28th in the year following award disbursement. This report covers the 2024 grant cycle. It includes applications received in Fall 2022, with funds distributed in February 2024. If you still have not submitted your report from the 2023 cycle, please email [email protected].

Reporting on the impact of your project in your community helps demonstrate the value of this program to participants as well as to funders so that we can continue to offer this grant each year and explore ways to expand it in the future.

Information shared in your report helps us educate others on our mission of promoting native plants through avenues like feature articles in the Wild Ones Journal and/or blog, social media posts, grant applications, donor communications, e-newsletters, press releases and Wild Ones promotional materials.

Feedback on your experience also helps us refine the program to ensure we are offering youth-serving organizations across the country an accessible and friendly funding opportunity that involves youth in planning, planting and caring for native gardens.

**Please Note: The 2024 SFE Project Report Form is a web-based form that does not allow the saving of drafts.** Reports must be completed in one session. Grant recipients are strongly encouraged to compose and save their responses ahead of time in a word processor, and paste their answers into the web-based form when finalized. Following this process will ensure your responses are not lost if your browser unexpectedly times out or quits during the completion of the form.

SFE Report Form 2024

This is the form to report Seeds for Education funds for the 2024 Grant Cycle.

Project Coordinator’s Name
Project Coordinator's Name

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