2023 Photo Contest Submissions

All images are the property of Wild Ones and should not be downloaded or used without permission.

Title: Midewin Bison
Photographer: Tom Scheidt
Location: Joliet, IL
Chapter: Lake-To-Prairie

Title: Hawk-eye mouse-slayer
Photographer: Neelanthi Vadivel
Location: Cornelius, NC
Chapter: Charlotte Piedmont

Title: Song Sparrow in Summer
Photographer: Kali Longworth
Location: Mequon, WI
Chapter: Milwaukee-North

Title: Mallard Ducks and Lilly Pads
Photographer: Sandy McCreery
Location: Greendale, WI
Chapter: Milwaukee-Southwest-Wehr

Title: Sea Holly Lady
Photographer: Jen Bolger
Location: Denver, CO
Chapter: Front Range

Title: Fox in Flowers
Photographer: J Samuel L Wharton IV
Location: Waitsfield, VT
Chapter: Partner At Large

Title: Frog Eggs
Photographer: Jane Slade
Location: Randallstown, MD
Chapter: Partner At Large

Title: Fawn
Photographer: Renee Benage
Location: Gray Summit, MO
Chapter: St. Louis

Title: Mountain Goats Grazing
Photographer: Neal Bringe
Location: Beartooth Plateau, WY
Chapter: Front Range

Title: Bison on the Prairie
Photographer: Bryan Dahlvang
Location: Lawton, OK
Chapter: Partner At Large

Title: Exoskeletons
Photographer: Besa Schweitzer
Location: St Louis, MO
Chapter: St. Louis

Title: Woolly Aphids on Speckled Alder
Photographer: Christel Maass
Location: Fox Point, WI
Chapter: Milwaukee-North

Title: Cooling Off
Photographer: Donna Kaffenberger
Location: Manchester, CT
Chapter: Mountain Laurel

Title: The weaver
Photographer: Jule Groh
Location: Sheboygan, WI
Chapter: Kettle Moraine

Title: Hopper
Photographer: Jon Henry
Location: Chicago, IL
Chapter: West Cook

Title: Milkweed and Friends
Photographer: Bill Wickers
Location: Coral, IL
Chapter: Greater Kane County

Title: Symphony In Green
Photographer: Angelika Brinkmann-Busi
Location: Wayne, IL
Chapter: Greater Kane County

Title: Walking on the Edge
Photographer: David Silsbee
Location: Mansfield, CT
Chapter: Mountain Laurel

Title: Spider’s Umbrella
Photographer: Deborah Rees
Location: Elgin, IL
Chapter: Greater Kane County

Title: Finches & Pinecone Feeder
Photographer: Barbara DeGraves
Location: Bowling Green, KY
Chapter: SoKY

Title: Widow Skimmer Dragonfly
Photographer: Ed Buchs
Location: Bloomfield, WI
Chapter: Kettle Moraine

Title: Mockingbird with Black Chokeberry
Photographer: Richard Hitt
Location: Franklin, TN
Chapter: Middle Tennessee

Title: Dragonfly Resting
Photographer: David Carson
Location: New London, CT
Chapter: Nation’s Capital Region

Title: Goldfinches Feasting on Coneflowers
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Chapter: Greater Indianapolis (Seedling)

Title: Monarch caterpillar on Butterfly Weed buds
Photographer: Nancy Dawn Van Beest
Location: St. Charles, IL
Chapter: Greater Kane County

Title: Well good morning my Friend
Photographer: Kimberly Downs
Location: Downers Grove, IL
Chapter: Greater DuPage

Title: Chippie and cuppie
Photographer: Catherine McKenzie
Location: Appleton, WI
Chapter: Fox Valley Area

Title: Lunch
Photographer: Gloria Powell
Location: Roscoe, IL
Chapter: Rock River Valley

Title: Stop and wonder
Photographer: Judith Koch
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Chapter: Western Pennsylvania Area

Title: Brood Parasitism
Photographer: Melanie Moser
Location: Manchester, MO
Chapter: St. Louis