H.R. 1572 addresses the importance of native plants

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“Monarch 2” by Terri Joyce. 2018 Photo Contest – Pollinators entry.

H.R. 1572: The Botany Bill

The importance of native plants is gaining national attention! H.R. 1572, the “Botany Bill”, is going before the House of Representatives Natural Resources Public Lands Subcommittee Thursday morning, July 18. Overall, this legislation emphasizes the importance of protecting native plants and ecosystems.

This sounds familiar

Work on the Botany Bill began in 2015. The Bill was first introduced to the House of Representatives (H.R. 1054) with bipartisan sponsorship on February 14, 2017. ​H.R. 1572 was reintroduced to the House of Representatives in March 2019. Its bipartisan sponsors are joined by 46 other Representatives in co-sponsoring the Bill.

The Botanical Sciences and Native Plant Materials Research, Restoration, and Promotion Act’s aim is to build the botanical science capacity of the federal government and encourage the use of native plants. As such, the bill supports botanical science research, an essential element in the fight against climate change.

How does this lead to more native plants in local landscapes?

Monarch caterpillar on milkweed

“Got Milkweed?” by Peggy Steichen. 2018 Photo Contest – Pollinators entry.

H.R. 1572 promotes the use of native plants across the country. It develops a federal policy providing a preference for the use of locally-adapted native plant materials in land management activities on federal lands.

It also funds research to develop effective approaches to habitat restoration; combats invasive, non-native species; and promotes the recovery of threatened and endangered native species.

Where to find additional details

Visit Botany Bill for more information about the bill.


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