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Survey for People Involved in Monarch Habitat Restoration Work

The Environmental Defense Fund is compiling an estimate of the cost of restoring enough habitat in the northern Midwest to make a difference to the monarch population. One of their scientists, Kevin Bracy Knight, has created a survey that asks people who have done restoration how much they spent, and what results they achieved.

If you have taken part in monarch habitat restoration, please complete the survey by clicking here: https://goo.gl/forms/M1iqNCnOu8XKPGgQ2

Kevin is looking for averages of things like cost of seed per acre, and what other practices you have employed, such as mowing or burning. He is hoping to identify areas where a large-scale plan might reduce costs; for example, through increasing seed production via incentives or insurance.

Please share the link to this survey with anyone in your network who is involved in monarch habitat restoration.

A goal of this survey is to identify how to improve efficiency in recovering the monarch butterfly. Thank you for your help with this important project!

Monarch butterfly on Ironweed

“Monarch on Ironweed” by Ed Buchs, 2018 Photo Contest Pollinators entry

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