Denise Gehring interviewed by regarding native plant rescues

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Rain garden in front of WILD Center

Recently Denise Gehring, Wild Ones national board Director and Oak Openings Chapter member, was interviewed by Zach Fitzner of The interview focused on rescuing native plants in areas of new development and the organizations that conduct plant rescues.

“How native plants can be rescued from human development projects” can be found on 

When houses, shopping malls, or parking lots are built, often the land must first be cleared of vegetation consisting of trees and smaller plants. This is most obvious in forested areas where trees must be cleared to make room for buildings, roads and other structures. Along with trees, typically there are many native plants in a development area that can be rescued as well. These beautiful plants are often rescued by native plant enthusiasts or local native plant organizations such as Wild Ones.

The first step to pursuing a native plant rescue is to contact to the developer.

If the developer is uncooperative, it’s sometimes valuable to talk to local government. Some development agreements include provisions for native plants and this can allow people to rescue plants even if the developer is uncooperative.

Denise explains in the article, “We… have the privilege of taking these wonderful plants home to add to the beauty of our own landscaping, to appreciate their earthly purpose and to shelter them for future generations…” The plants can also be donated to local organizations dedicated to planting natives.

In addition to volunteering on the Wild Ones Board as a Director, Denise is the Seeds for Education Fund Chairperson.






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  1. Denise

    Hi Wild Ones members:
    It was an interesting experience being interviewed but Zach took liberties in quoting me. If anyone would like my original narrative please email and I’ll send it. Denise


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