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Wild Center is in need of 6-volt batteries

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The WILD Center is in need of new 6-volt deep cycle, lead-acid batteries for the golf cart that is used frequently for hauling plants, tools, watering buckets and more. We are looking for six batteries to replace the old ones. If you are interested in donating batteries or money toward their purchase, please call 920-730-3986… Read more »

“The Vital New Role of the Suburban/Urban Garden” DVD by Doug Tallamy

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Doug Tallamy, PhD, Wild Ones Lifetime Honorary Director, shares his perspective on “The Vital New Role of the Suburban/Urban Garden”. An impactful presentation on the value of biodiverse neighborhood corridors. Doug Tallamy is a professor of entomology and wildlife ecology at the University of Delaware. He is a recognized environmental speaker and award-winning author of… Read more »

Fort Hood partners with Monarch Joint Venture

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Fort Hood, a military training installation in Texas, has partnered with Monarch Joint Venture in pursuit of their Monarch Mission! Monarchs pass through the over 200,000 acre training base during fall and spring migrations. The AIM (Adaptive and Integrative Management) team is enacting the Fort Hood Monarch Mission, a conservation plan that focuses on research… Read more »

Loris’ Garden Sanctuary

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The Member Garden articles have become one of the most read parts of the Journal. Loris Damerow, a Fox Valley Area Chapter member, was featured in the 2019 online Winter Journal. Loris was dealing with a unique situation when the side retaining wall of her property collapsed as state workers were removing an adjacent bridge…. Read more »

Wild Wish List

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WILD Center Seeking Item Donations You may know that the WILD Center (Wild Ones Institute of Learning and Development) is the national headquarters of Wild Ones. What you may not know is, we strive to keep the WILD Center as self-sustaining as possible. Doing so enables us to keep operating expenses low and direct a… Read more »

Healthy Lakes program provides grants for native plantings

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Reduce the cost of a new rain garden or native planting by up to $1,000 per practice Would you like to save 75% on the cost of a new rain garden or native planting? The Healthy Lakes program, run by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and UW-Extension Lakes Program, provides 75% cost-sharing to help… Read more »

Native Plant Seeds

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Rain garden in front of WILD Center

Are Native Plant Seeds from the WILD Center Right for Me?  Wild Ones members recently received information about native plant seeds available in exchange for a freewill donation. The national office and local volunteers collected these seeds to generate funds to cover operating expenses such as copier paper, stamps, and electricity. Our goal is to… Read more »