Wild Ones National Headquarters

The WILD Center

Finally acquired in 2008, through a fortuitous combination of financial benefactors, hard work, and good timing, the new headquarters location for Wild Ones is the perfect springboard for the organization's continued growth.

After years of working out of a car trunk and a crowded office in the executive director's home, Wild Ones now has a headquarters office with enough space to deal with membership needs, educational planning and activities, and related conferences and meetings.

And with the building seated on 16 acres of upland, riparian woodland and marsh, the Wild Ones Institute of Learning and Development (WILD Center) promises to be the perfect showcase for natural landscaping and native plants.

With huge amounts of help from tireless volunteers, much of the remodeling work has already been done, removal of weeds and invasive plants from the grounds is well underway, and raingardens and many other aspects of natural landscaping are already in place.

The WILD Center.