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Seeking to educate its members and the community about the benefits of using local native plant species in natural landscaping, Wild OnesŪ is the only not-for-profit national educational organization of its kind. Having had its beginning in Milwaukee, it is still located in Wisconsin. The mailing address is: PO Box 1274, Appleton, WI 54912

Located on Guckenburg-Sturm Marsh also known as Stroebe Marsh in Little Lake Butte des Morts which is part of the Fox River waterway, the physical address for the Wild Ones Institute of Learning and Development (WILD Center) is 2285 Butte des Morts Beach Road, Neenah, Wisconsin 54956. The Fox River is part of the Great Lakes Watershed.

For general information, please phone the Wild Ones national office at 1-920-730-3986, or toll free at 877-FYI-WILD (877-394-9453), or send e-mail to info@wildones.org. Or feel free to contact any of the national officers listed below.

For contacts in your area, check the chapters page. For general information, send e-mail to info@wildones.org.

Office Officer Phone E-Mail
President Tim Lewis
Vice President Bret Rappaport
Secretary Stephen Windsor
Treasurer Joe Powelka
Past President Carol Andrews
Executive Director Donna VanBuecken (877) 394-9453
(920) 730-3986
Newsletter Editor Maryann Whitman (248) 652-4004
Seeds For Education Grant Program
Mark Charles
Web Site Coordinator Peter Chen (630) 357-2338
Member Certification Committee Chair
(EcoScaper and Yard Certification)
Photo Contest Chair Chan Mahanta
Financial Stability Chair Joe Powelka
Communications Committee Chair Bret Rappaport
Journal Communications Team Leader Bret Rappaport
Web Site Communications Team Leader
Marketing & Promotion Com Co-Chairs

Trish Hacker-Hennig, North Oakland Chapter, Michigan, 2014
Bonnie Harper-Lore, Twin Cities Chapter, Minnesota, 2014
Katrina Hayes, Partner-at-Large, Tennessee, 2014
Jan Hunter, Oak Openings Chapter, Ohio, 2014
Tim Lewis, Rock River Valley Chapter, Illinois, 2016
Joe Powelka, Madison Chapter, Wisconsin, 2014
Bret Rappaport, Lake-To-Prairie Chapter, Illinois, 2016
Marty Rice, Twin Cities Chapter, Minnesota, 2014
Dan Segal, Habitat Gardening of Central New York Chapter, New York, 2016
Bill Synder, Illinois Prairie Chapter, Illinois, 2016
Janis Solomon, Mountain Laurel Chapter, Connecticut, 2014
Karen Syverson, Fox Valley Area Chapter, Wisconsin, 2016
Rick Webb, Partner-at-Large, Pennsylvania, 2016
Maryann Whitman, Oakland Chapter, Michigan, 2014
Stephen Windsor, Greater DuPage Chapter, Illinois, 2016


Click links to see biographical notes where available:
Thomas Barnes, Professor and Wildlife Extension Specialist, Author and Photographer, Kentucky 2017
Neil Diboll, Naturalist and Nurseryman, Wisconsin 2015
Marc Evans, Ecologist and Author, Kentucky 2015
Bob Grese, Professor and Arboretum Director, Michigan 2017
Janet Marinelli, Author and Editor, New York 2015
Lynn Steiner, Editor, Author and Photographer, Minnesota 2017
Pat Sutton, writer, lecturer, naturalist and biologist, New Jersey 2017
Doug Tallamy, Professor and Chair, Behavioral Ecologist and Author, Delaware 2017
Jerry Wilhelm, Botanist, Research Taxonomist and Author, Illinois 2015
Catherine Zimmerman, Author and Documentary Filmmaker 2015

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